Prempak C 1.25mg x 120 in Södertälje

Prempak C 1.25mg x 120


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Buy Prempak C 1.25mg x 120 in Södertälje today. Prempak C 1.25mg x 120 in Södertälje contains conjugated oestrogen, which aims to replace the natural hormone lost when bodily changes happen as a result of menopause. This loss of oestrogen is what causes most of the bothersome and uncomfortable side effects of menopause.Prempak is a conjugated oestrogen HRT medicine with the addition of progestogen. It's intended to reduce the severity of menopause symptoms associated with a drop in oestrogen, while also maintaining womb health. Taking Prempak can therefore help reduce the occurrence of night sweats, irregular periods, mood swings, vaginal dryness, vaginal itching and hot flushes. Low oestrogen can also greatly enhance a woman's risk of developing oesteoporisis because it causes a drop in bone mass, but taking Prempak early enough can help avoid a drastic loss of bone density.

  • Reduces and stops the occurrence of menopause symptoms
  • Helps maintain womb health and prevents loss of bone density
  • Contains both oestrogen and progestogen
  • Effective in a single daily tablet

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